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High performance deburring work

Deburex, a leader in deburring and polishing complex machined parts, positions itself as a trusted partner in various industries.

Over the years, the company has not only developed unique expertise, it has also perfected efficient processes based on precision and effectiveness in order to meet the highly specific standards of each client on time. Deburex also relies on a remarkably competent workforce equipped to complete this essential stage of production with perfection. Trusting an experienced and specialized team for the finishing of your parts is the right choice on many different levels. Not only will you limit costly and unnecessary losses, you will also get the benefit of a superior quality job.

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Deburex is specialized in sandblasting, polishing, and deburring medium and large machined parts. Since these operations require great precision and specific skills, they are entrusted to master finishers with the cutting-edge tools and equipment needed to complete high-quality work.

We are constantly improving our work processes, an effort that is at the very heart of our company values. We consider every aspect of your project to offer you a value-added service that is precise, fast, and efficient.

We offer you our expert know-how so you can focus on what you do best and get total peace of mind for the finishing of your parts.

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Since its creation over 50 years ago, Deburex has developed exceptional technical expertise in industrial precision deburring.

With each project, it has learned to adapt to the specific needs of its various clients by constantly improving its processes and equipping itself with cutting-edge equipment.

Deburex is proud to be known as a preferred partner in the aeronautics, aerospace, and defence industries.

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